“In basketball, I always had a first step. A separation step. That works now, too.”

“You had to be tough in our neighborhood.”

“Play more than one sport in high school. If you play, say, football and basketball, you can learn to be physical and you can take those physical aspects of both sports and become better in both sports. Basketball players use some of the same skills football players do and vice versa.”

“I didn't take school seriously.”

“If I had stayed with football in college, I probably would have been a first-round pick.”

“I believe potential is a dangerous word; it can be used for anybody. I don't want people to always say, 'He has the potential to be good.' Or, 'He has a couple of years to go.' I want somebody to say, 'Damn, that's a good tight end.' Period.”

"I’d like to be a 5-10, 205-pound running back. I think it’s natural for big guys to want to be a little faster."

"High school football in Detroit was not easy at all. There were talented players everywhere."

“I try to find out what the guy's strengths and weaknesses are. Like in boxing, I'd be a counter-puncher. Whatever he does well, I try to take advantage of what he doesn't do well.”

“In high school, every last one of the passing schemes was designed for me.”

“You can run like a robot and just go straight, or you can add a bit of personality to it.”

“Tony Gonzalez, he's known for his big-play ability. Other tight ends are known for their blocking ability. I want to accumulate both of those and put them in one, then say, 'Here goes Antonio Gates. You want to see the best blocking tight end? Watch him block. You want to see one of the guys with big-play ability? Watch him again.'”

"A dunk is nice because it can create momentum, but it’s not as good as scoring a touchdown."





Antonio Gates, 2006 Topps

Antonio Gates, 2006 Fleer


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