“I’m a good guy. I just want to go out there and play hard.” 

“I’m not satisfied, I’m never satisfied.” 

“I can play at this level. I’m not intimidated and never have been.” 

"My drive to succeed was so high that I didn’t let anything get in the way of it.” 

“I have a job here to do, and my job is for nine innings— or however many innings we play—to come out and do the best I can.” 

“When it comes to hitting, that’s my strength—to go to right-center and not try to pull the ball or hook the ball.” 

“I don’t like to put pressure on myself. I think I did that when I first got called up in Seattle, and I was kind of trying to do too much.” 

“I thought [baseball] was the worst sport. Then everyone started getting excited about the Padres. If it weren’t for that, I don't know if I would have given it a try.” 

“I think everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon, personally. Just let me play it out and not think about all of this stuff. Every other day, people ask me, ‘Why are you doing good?’”

“I’m an inner-city dude. If you go down to the Inner Habor, there's a good chance you’ll see me somewhere in the middle of the day.” 

“I’m trying to let them make mistakes and when they do, I hit them.”

“Just let me go out and keep doing what I’m doing, because, obviously, it’s working.” 

“Even though I play professional baseball, I’m as normal as it gets.” 

“I think cutting down on bad habits away from the ballpark has helped me improve at the ballpark.” 

“There’s comfort in knowing I can just go out and do my thing, knowing I’m in there, doing the best I can. I'm not on the bench, getting frustrated because I’m not playing. I relish this.” 



Adam Jones, 2009 Goudey



Adam Jones, 2006 Heritage


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