“If the Orioles put it together, he might even have a chance to challenge for MVP honors. He's that talented.”
—All-Star Johnny Damon

"They say that he has the same abilities that I have, but I think he has a little more.”
—All-Star Torii Hunter

“Everything he does is impressive, every day.”
—Teammate Ty Wigginton

“He’s very receptive to instruction, but I still think he's got a higher ceiling.”
—Orioles manager Dave Trembley

"He’s fun to watch and he's fun to work with.”
—Orioles coach Terry Crowley

"He’s such a good prospect. He’s got the speed, the arm, the power.”
—Orioles coach Rick Dempsey

"Folks in Seattle simply can't bear to watch anymore.”
—Sportswriter Chris Jenkins

“He has tools beyond tools. He can hit. He can run. He has a great arm. He’s just a very good athlete.”
—Former teammate Willie Bloomquist

“A lot of kids in the inner city are intrigued by football and basketball, and in inner-city San Diego, football seemed the sport where guys were making it. But baseball brought out his passion. He just loved the game.”
—Adam’s half-brother Anson Wright

"He said he could tell when the ball left the hand, see the spin, and know it was a slider on the way. He’s the only kid I ever had who could do that. It was like Tony Gwynn, like he had a sixth sense.”
—Adam's high school coach Matt Cleek


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