“In order to be better, you should expect to be better.”

“I'll do everything I've got to do to get on base, and I've been doing that. I'm happy with it.”

"I just play. I let the game take care of itself. As long as I go out there and do what I need to do. I'm not trying to set up a goal, I stay within myself.” 

“I've always taken pretty short, quick swings to the ball.” 

“I don't really look at myself as a power hitter. I look at myself as someone who drives the ball to the gaps, hits line drives.” 

“We focus on what we do right, we learn from what we did wrong, we move onto the next day—that’s what prepares us, that’s what makes us strong.” 

“Honestly, I don't think I'm doing anything any different right now. You swing, and the ball finds a hole. That's it. That's the game of baseball.” 

“We won’t let history define our future. Our actions will do the talking. Our determination will turn doubters into believers.” 

“The good thing about this game? There’s always tomorrow.”

Andrew McCutchen,
2011 Allen & Ginter


Andrew McCutchen,
2012 Heritage

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