“He's one of the most special talents I've seen since I've been in the game. For a kid that young to have bat speed like that and the patience at the dish, there's something there the Pirates will be enjoying for a long time.”
—Former teammate Nyjer Morgan

"He's so damn quick, it's amazing. It looks like he's just floating through the air.”
—Former teammate Ryan Church

"He wasn't awed by the big leagues. He was up for four months, and there was never a time where he struggled for an extended period. He didn't play like a rookie. He played like a 10-year veteran.”
—Former teammate Ryan Doumit

“He's ridiculous. And you know what? He's just going to get better.”
—Former teammate Evan Meek

“He expects a lot from himself. McCutchen truly wants to play on a championship ballclub, and he wants to do what he can do to help that happen.”
—Pirates manager Clint Hurdle

“Good hitters can get in a groove. And he's a good hitter.”
—Pirates coach Rich Donnelly

“He has as quick hands as anyone in baseball. He generates explosiveness off the bat. He is maturing before our eyes, and it's a lot of fun to see.”
—Pirates GM Neal Huntington

"Hitting. Running. Defense. Throwing. He's got it all. He catches the ball like Andruw Jones did when he was 19.”
—Baseball legend Bobby Cox

Nyjer Morgan,
2009 Goodwin Champs

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