I feel like I can go anywhere, which gives me total confidence. I can take it to the streets, or I can take it to the boardroom.”

“It comes down to consistency—if you want to be a great shooter, you have to shoot the same way every time.”

“My nature is to keep things inside. In time, I’ll be comfortable stepping up when I think the team could use my input.”

“Would I do it again? Film another movie? Oh yeah.”

“There is an entire culture out there built around siphoning money from an athlete, and the young men and women who come through just feed the machine.”

"I dream about winning a championship, where everybody is hooting and hollering for you. The whole world is drawn to the NBA Finals."

"I always say if the house I live in is comfortable, and I have all the amenities I need, then what more can you ask for?

"I tell the young kids, you have eight or nine months of the year to play basketball and the rest of the year you can relax. So, you've got to be ready. It doesn't last forever."

"I don't look at this game in regards to my age. A lot of the important stuff you do comes off the court. I take care of my body. I put good things into it

Ray Allen, 2001 Heritage

Ray Allen, 1996-97 Upper Deck

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