“I think he’s a fantastic young man. He almost totally transcends age with his approach to the game.”
—NFL Hall of Famer and Syracuse alum Jim Brown

“He’s a team player. He doesn’t care about his own stats. He’ll give the ball up; he’ll rebound if you have to have a rebound.”
—Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim

“I don’t think there’s anybody, or any two guys, who can guard him if he’s shooting the ball well.”

“Carmelo Anthonys only come around once in your lifetime.”

“I’m not sure I’ve played against a guy who beats you in so many ways. You know what I love? I love his demeanor.”
—Veteran coach Rick Barnes

“He’s going to have to involve his teammates more, get them in the flow at the offensive end.”
—Hall of Famer Magic Johnson

“He reminds me of myself. He’s so in control. I was astonished by it.”
—Former NBA All-Star Mark Aguirre

“He has a good cast around him. He’s got a good road in front of him.”
—Former NBA star Jalen Rose

“He's so talented. He reminds me of Dirk.”
—Teammate Jason Kidd

"For Carmelo to be a leader of this team, he's got to be committed in practice and committed to focusing on the fundamentals. Right now he is a great talent but not a full-fledged professional. How many 20-year-olds are?”
—Nuggets head coach George Karl

“He’s a player. It’s God-given talent.”
—Former Nuggets coach Jeff Bzdelik

“He is the prophet who is going to lead the Nuggets to the promised land.”
—Rocky Mountain News columnist Dean

“He’s going to be a phenomenal player in our league. And he does it with a smile on his face while respecting his teammates and the game. The more important the game, the more important the possession is, the better he is.”
—Veteran NBA coach Larry Brown

“Carmelo is more than a scorer. He’s going to be a very good rebounder and a great passer.”
—Former NBA star Kiki Vandeweghe

“He’s similar to a Grant Hill and a Tracy McGrady. He’s long, athletic and got the same kind of abilities at the same stage. If anything, he’s more under control.”
—Carmelo’s coach at Oak Hill Steve Smith

“He’s the best. A lot of guys can shoot, and a lot of guys can post up. But he can do both.”
—Former Syracuse teammate Gerry McNamara

“He’s as good as advertised. He’s a good kid all-around. He’s a good person. He works hard.”
—Former Syracuse teammate Kueth Duany

“Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players of his generation.”
—Sportswriter Bill Simmons

Jim Brown, 1989 Swell


Magic Johnson,
autographed photo


George Karl, 2005-06 Total


Kiki Vandeweghe,
1990-91 Hoops

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