“Give him the runway at Newark Airport, and you may be surprised at what this guy can do.”
—Teammate Eli Manning

“Brandon knows the offense, and he knows the game.”

“He's a hardhat, lunch-pail guy. But he's very appreciative, very humble. He still calls me back when I leave a message, and a lot of kids won't call back. He does not forget where he comes from.”
—Brandson’s SIU head coach Jerry Kill

“A lot of people think Brandon runs too tall. But all of us have something to overcome. I had to prove I wasn't too small.”
—Former Giants star Tiki Barber

“He likes contact, I abhor contact.”

“Brandon’s done a good job with our short yardage and our goal line, and when he’s run the ball, he’s run the ball effectively.”
—Giants head coach Tom Coughlin

“He’s running with great confidence, so his cuts are much more decisive.”
—Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride

“If you really know Brandon Jacobs, he's just a good-hearted guy who would do anything for you.”
—Brandon’s business partner Pat Lynch

“I love Brandon, but there's not much I can learn watching him run. That kind of power is unique.”
—Former teammate Derrick Ward

“Stopping the 6-foot-4, 265-pound Jacobs is akin to trying to tackle a bag of cement thrown your direction.”
—Sportswriter John Branch

“He's the most punishing running back in the game and he gives New York a distinct advantage every time he's on the field.”
—Sportswriter Dan Benton

“Brandon was huge. Everyone thought he should be a defensive end or a linebacker or a tight end.”
—Brandon’s Coffeyville head coach Jeff Leiker

“He will cry at the drop of a hat. Don’t tell him I said that.”
Brandon’s aunt Dianne Cheavious

Eli Manning,
2007 New York Sportscene



Tom Coughlin,
autographed card

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