I didn't expect it to come so quickly. It's been hard to keep up with. There's been articles in the papers that say I've got too big for my boots but people who know me say I'm just the same. Things have changed in my life but I haven't—too many people would knock me down if I did."

"The criticism hurts sometimes and I worry about the effect on my family."

“I love football and I love winning, and when things aren't going right I get annoyed."

"I've come to realize what being captain of England means."

"I don’t think I have reached a plateau. I have just reached the level where I am today. But I need to go above it."

"That goal [in the 1998 World Cup] changed me—not as a person, but as a player. People have looked at me differently ever since. It gave me confidence and now I feel I can achieve anything."

"The spotlight will always be on me, but it's something I'm learning to live with as the years go by."

"You know when you play in the big away games that the fans are going to be behind their team and will be booing you. As a professional you need to tune yourself out of that part of the game and concentrate on the job at hand."

"I know that I will always regret it later in life if I had turned down the chance to play at another great club like Real Madrid."

"Being a gay icon is a great honor for me. I'm quite sure of my feminine side, and I've got no problem with it at all. These days it's the norm, and it should be. Everyone's different, everyone's got their thing."

"As soon as a free kick is given and it's anywhere near the box, I get excited. I don't really concentrate what side the keeper is on, because I always think that if I catch it as well as I can, then I can beat him whichever way he goes."

"As soon as I hit the ball, I know if it's in."

"I'm not silly enough to think I'm going to change the whole culture … but I do have a belief that soccer can go to a different level."

"I've always come back from adversity, and I've always had the mentality of proving people wrong."


David Beckham, 2003 Upper Deck



David Beckham, Hit 6



David Beckham, 2001 Upper Deck

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