Sue Bird  

“Being picked number one made me want to go on the court and prove I belonged there, that the hype wasn’t for nothing.”

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but you have to know you’re going to make mistakes. It’s how you respond to those mistakes that counts.”

“I knew I would be able to come back from the injury 100 percent.”

“I like pressure. I thrive on it.”

“When you have teammates just as talented as you, it’s kind of weird to get all the attention.”

“I have to be more assertive—I have take more control at crunch time.”

“Going to college and living with someone of another race gave me a different view of what people have to go through.”

“People probably assume I sleep in my uniform. Then I get up and go to the mall or the market in my uniform.”

“I'll play until my knees fall off.”

“To be successful, you have to expose yourself to different situations—different styles of play, different teammates, different coaching.”










Sue Bird, 2003 Team Medicine

Sue Bird, Souvenir Poster



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