“I’ve been myself my whole life."

"When I was little, I spent a lot of time by myself. When other kids were in school, I was skiing and thinking about things. I was alone on the mountain."

"The only mental games in ski racing is the mental game against yourself.
Is the whole goal of life preserving your life as long as you can? No. The goal is to enjoy your life, challenge yourself, to sometimes make stupid decisions—which are sometimes fun and sometimes idiotic and sometimes just a big fat mistake you regret."

"If I could wish one thing for anyone, it would be to not have to do anything his entire life—just go along and when you feel like doing something, do it."

"Despite all the pressure and the caliber of accomplishment, I still can honestly say that it’s not all about winning."

"One thing I pride myself on is is the ability to connect unconnected thoughts and come up with new, unique thoughts."

"I always have fun."

"I can take $15,000 a year and raise kids on that. Later, they’ll figure out I’ve got millions, but hopefully they’ll have the values to say, ‘So what?’"

"I don't care what other people’s judgments come down to—I care what my judgments come down to."

"The way I judge myself is not on how many World Cups I can win in a row."

"I’ve been crashing forever—am I going to back off? No. Because I like to do it this way and I don’t give a !&%# if I crash."

"It is not that I don’t recognize the danger in ski racing, but that I don’t fear the consequences."

"Sometimes I'm disciplined, but I like to be a total slacker, too. I party hard, but I train hard."



Bode Miller, autogrpahed photo




Bode Miller, 2006 Newsweek


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