“He’s a movement prodigy."
—World Cup star Hermann Maier

"He knows how to sell himself."
—FIS President Gian Franco Kasper

"This controversy is helping Bode focus himself. Bode was in a bit of a funk not knowing what was motivating him, and I think that he’s now determined to motivate himself as much as he can."
—Woody Miller

"I knew Bode was going to be hard to beat."
—Teammate Daron Rahlves

"Everyone wonders what’s going on with him ... he is a hard guy to figure out."

"In a test of becoming a certified ski instructor, he might fail!"
—Legendary skier Toni Sailer

"He pushes all the boundaries. That’s part of his personality. He’s about pushing buttons and boundaries."
—Coach Phil McNichol

"The World Cup wouldn’t be what it is without Bode. We couldn’t do without him."
—World Cup star Marco Buchel

"He never says anything agreeable."
—Teammate Ted Ligety

"Bode is out to to prove to the world he can do it his way."
—USSA official Jesse Hunt

"I ran 28 races a year and Bode is probably doing about 40—but that’s his decision.You have to know yourself well enough to make those kinds of decisions. If you’re going to be an ironman, you’ve got to make sure you can do it."
—U.S. skiing legend Phil Mahre

"On the hill, he’s great. Off the hill, he’s got one foot in the door and one foot out, and he’s not sure where he wants to be."
—Teammate Bryon Friedman

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2002 SI for Kids



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