“I was brought here [New Orleans] for a reason. I feel like I can make a tremendous impact, not only with the team but in the community."

“I expect to make big plays. And when I don’t, I’m upset about it.”

“The only team that believed in me was the Saints, and I feel like I owe them a great debt of gratitude. I want to give them what they saw in me—a guy who could lead this team to a championship.”

“I get people stopping me on the street like twenty times a day, telling me how great it makes them feel and how it just helps them to go about their day and rebuild their lives. It means a tremendous amount.”

“When you care about a guy beyond just the field, that’s when the chemistry becomes really special.”

“We always try to mix it up—three-step drop, five-step drop, seven-step drop, naked bootleg. We spread out all these kinds of things to keep  the defensive pass rush unbalanced.”

“The Super Bowl is a realistic goal.”

“I expect to win out there.”

“I was honored to spend time with the President on an issue that is clearly important to him. I was also impressed by his wide receiver skills.”

“We've got something special going here. We want to keep it going. You don't have many opportunities like this, and the window of opportunity for us is now.”

“I don't know about voodoo, but I believe in destiny.”

“Four years ago, who ever thought this would have happened?”

“I’m just feeling like it was meant to be. What can I say? The birth of my son, and in the first year of his life, we won a Super Bowl Championship.”

“We just believed in ourselves, and we knew that we had an entire city and maybe an enitre country behind us. What can I say? I tried to imagine what this moment would be like for a long time, and it’s better than expected.”

“We all understand what we signed up for, but then again, you don't want this to be a game that puts people in wheelchairs at age 40.”





Drew Brees, 2006 Heritage



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