"The Saints made the right decision signing Drew Brees—not just in terms of his arm, but because of his heart and mind."
—Former NFL star Marshall Faulk

“He's something else!"
—Saints head coach Sean Payton

“The young man knows how to win."
—Veteran NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer

“On the field, Drew’s got peripheral vision. Off the field, he’s got blinders on.”
—College teammate Vinny Sutherland

''We got lucky. College recruiting is not an exact science. I think his knee injury kept a lot of people away from him, and I think that Texas schools like their quarterbacks a little bigger.”
—Former Purdue head coach Joe Tiller

"YHe’s just so clam in there.”
—Former teammate Donnie Edwards

“Drew and Brittany have been a great addition to New Orleans.”
—Former NFL star Archie Manning

“What you see is what you get with Drew. There are no airs, no hidden agenda.”
—Brittany Brees

“I’ve never seen an athlete mentally tougher or more motivated.”
—Dr. James Andrews

“When the best guy on the team also is the hardest worker, it's easy for guys to follow and believe in everything he says.”
—Former teamate Jonathan Goodwin

“We all love him.”
—Teammate Carl Nicks

“Drew is a very intelligent quarterback who knows exactly how to manage a game.”
—Former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson

“Drew is a microcosm of that city—what his comeback from shoulder surgery represents.”
—Personal Trainer Todd Durkin


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