Buddy Rice  

“Things happen for a reason. We’ll see where life takes me from here.”

“It was pretty weird to sit there and watch the race that you’ve been watching on TV for years, and realize that’s you driving and winning.”

“In the past, people said I wasn’t focused and didn't give it the time. That’s a bunch of crap. I’m not doing anything different now than I did before.”

“We’re just here to do one thing, and that’s win.”

“Obviously, I showed I can race.”

“You have to take everything as it comes.”

“I’m not going to go home and sell my truck.”

“No matter if I have a job for one weekend or for the next year, or three years, I’m going to drive the same way. That’s the way I am. I’m going to give it everything I have.”

“Now instead of worrying about my next ride, I’m concerned with getting my car ready for the race, and doing the best job I can for Bobby Rahal and my sponsors.”

“My strategy and focus hasn’t changed. but my knowledge has come up a little bit.”

“I go to Diamondbacks games all the time, and I still look at those guys out there and wonder if I’d have made it.”

“You have to take the hits as they come and you have to take the opportunities.”

“There’s a ton of talent in this country. Some just need to be given a shot.”

“I’m not promoting myself as the next great American driver, as some people are describing me. If that’s what people want to call me, fine. But I’ve got more important things to focus on.”



Buddy Rice, IndyCar Series

Buddy Rice, autographed photo



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