Buddy Rice  

“He’s not a big talker. He’s not a showboater. He just gets out there and works, and he’s a good racer.”
—Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal

“We thought that Buddy just needed a chance in a team that was going to help him every step of the way—and not get in his way.”

“A lot of guys get opportunities and don't take advantage of them. This guy came in and hit the ground running.”

“Bobby gets all the credit because he had his eye on Buddy for quite some time.”
—RLR GM Scott Roembke

“This is still soul-patch Buddy, regular-guy Buddy, and it’s as obvious as the hat on his head.”
—Sportswriter Jeff Olson

“He doesn’t cause trouble and doesn’t make waves. He just drives. Fast.”
—Sportswriter Nancy Armour

“He’s young, aggressive and hungry. He’s got all the right attitudes.”
—Former driver Eddie Cheever

“He is proof that there are a lot of talented young American drivers.”

“Buddy and I were on the front row together a lot in the Toyota Atlantic Series.”
—Driver Dan Wheldon

“Buddy Rice is almost a walking X Game.”
—IRL executive Chris Bowers

“He’s pretty much creamed everybody.”
—Driver Scott Dixon

“It was just what open-wheel needed—somebody identifiable in the States.”
—Sports Commentator Tony Cox

“Was there a stronger driver in the Indy field than Buddy? It didn't look like it to me.”
—TV personality David Letterman

“My God! What a job Buddy did!"



Bobby Rahal, 1991 All World

Eddie Cheever, 1987 ACE



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