“He wanted to go out and strike everyone out. He wanted to go hard all the time. It’s hard to do that at that intensity level, not only for a whole game, but an entire year. I think he learned to use his breaking ball and other pitches more and not always blow them away right from the get-go.”
—Former teammate Roy Halladay

"I’ve never seen anyone with stuff as electric as A.J.’s. His ball has so much movement. In ’02 before his [elbow] surgery, he would throw 96 to 99 for an entire game.”
—Former teammate Braden Looper

“I’ve told people that his is the best arm I’ve seen in my entire life. I played with Nolan Ryan and I’ve seen Randy Johnson from the other dugout. But the way A.J. throws is effortless. His fastball is so deceptive. It’s kind of like pulling a rubber band back nice and slow, and then letting it go. It kind of surprises you.”
—Former Marlins pitching coach Brad Arnsberg

“This guy is very intelligent. He absorbs everything, he looks you eye to eye, and he wants to learn. I think he has great baseball absorption powers. On the mound, he’s got the nerve of a burglar. He doesn’t want to come out of any game.”

"I’ve never seen anything like tonight. In my wildest dreams, I’ve never seen a no-hitter with nine walks and a hit batter. And I’ve never seen a guy dominate like that with just one pitch.”
—Former teammate Charles Johnson

"If he hadn’t walked nine, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the no-hitter. He was so wild in the zone. The thing about his fastball was it was moving so much.”
—Former big leaguer Phil Nevin

Roy Halladay, 2007 Heritag


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