“I guess good things come to those who wait.”

“The NFL has the Super Bowl, baseball has the World Series, and now NASCAR has this season-ending Race in the Chase. I’ve never driven so hard in my life.”

“A lot of people see in me what they see in themselves—see a younger version of them. That’s probably happened at least four or five times in my racing career.”

“Dale Earnhardt told me it doesn’t matter if fans boo or cheer, as long as they’re making noise.”

“I thought I was supposed to win—and if you had to run over people, so be it.”

“There are a lot of lessons that you learn, and you have to learn them quickly if you want to be competitive at this top level.”

"I wouldn't say it came easy, but I understood how to win and I determined how I could do it.”

"My father instilled in me a love for racing."

"The chemistry between my crew chief, myself and my race car—you have to have all three to be successful."


Kurt Busch,
2003 Press Pass Insert


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