“There's not many people out there who can hold a candle to Kurt.”
—Racing legend Roger Penske

“He’s done a great job handling the pressure.”
—NASCAR star Matt Kenseth

“It’s a new NASCAR championship, and it’s a new Kurt Busch. Although you might not have liked either in the beginning, it’s time to give both a chance. Neither is going away any time soon.”
—Sportswriter Lee Spencer

“Kurt is a very driven young man, extremely focused, extremely competitive.”
—Roush GM Geoff Smith

“He’s got very high standards for himself, and he has a tendency to impose those on others.”
—Racing legend
Jack Roush

"There's a lot of work when you come into this level of racing, and it takes a lot of time. I'm not sure he realized all of that exactly when he came in."

"I admire Kurt for his passion. I've never seen anybody learn everything you have to learn in this sport as quickly did."

“When he needed something to happen—whether it be a caution, whether he spun and didn’t hit anything—that’s what makes up a championship year for you.”
—NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon

“Kurt doesn’t argue with me. Not much anyway.”
—Crew Chief Jimmy Fennig

“I don’t think people understand the time we’ve invested to get Kurt where he’s at today. How he’s matured—he’s done that on his own. But the transformation in the last couple of years has even surprised me.”
—Kurt's mom Gaye

“Kurt is more even-keeled as opposed to getting really upset and losing focus.”
—NASCAR driver Jeff Burton

“He’s a talent that comes along once every ten years”
—Crew chief Robbie Loomis


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