“He can field. He can hit. He has a lot of power. He can hit the opposite way. He has everything you can ask of a major-league player.”
—Championship manager Ozzie Guillen

"When that kid is locked in, I don’t think there are any holes in that swing.”
Big league coach Wayne Rosenthal

“When he connects, it’s almost like a shotgun going off, it’s so loud.”
Big league coach Bill Robinson

“Miguel is baseball’s version of Lebron James.”

“The kid can play. The kid has talent. He’s going to do nothing but grow. He’s a very blessed kid.”
—Former teammate Dontrelle Willis

“He’s phenomenal. He changes a team’s perspective and how they feel about themselves. He gets everybody believing, ‘We can do it.’”

“He’s got all the tools and he’s not intimidated by anything.”
—Hall of Famer Andre Dawson

“With Miguel, it’s just a matter of how much he’s really willing to push himself to get to the next level and be a great player.”

“You’re going to make good pitches, and he’s going to hit them.”
—All-Star Danny Haren

“When you’re young and you put all the money aside, it gets down to just playing baseball. He plays for blood.”
—Former teammate A.J. Burnett

“The thing you like about Cabrera is when he strikes out, he comes back and just puts his helmet away. He says, ‘Hey, I’ll get them next time.’”
—Former Marlins manager Jack McKeon

“I just sat there stunned, seeing that not even the World Series fazed him.”

“He gets big hits with guys on base. He’s going to be real good.”
—Big league coach Larry Bowa

“He’s a superstar in the making. He already is a phenomenal player, but he’s going to be good for a long, long time.”
—Former teammate Jeff Conine

“He’s going to be unbelievable. He’s got so much poise and maturity—I tip my hat to him.”
—Former teammate Mike Lowell

“He was raised to play baseball.”
—Venezuelan baseball legend Dave Concepcion

“Miguel’s constantly absorbing information—watching tapes, asking questions, paying close attention in the dugout.”
—Former teammate Juan Pierre

“He's a smart hitter who uses the whole field and is not trying to hit home runs all the time.”
—Hall of Famer Tony Perez

“We haven’t found a weakness in him yet. There are ways of getting him out, but if you do it too often, he’ll burn you.”
—Hall of Famer Frank Robinson

“You can shake a tree and a lot of gloves will fall off, but few bats will. His bat is dangerous.”
—Former All-Star Matt Morris

“He's as good as it gets and the sky is the limit. He leads by both example and performance.”
—Former teammate Dan Uggla

“He can hit .350. He's got juice to all fields. He can win the Triple Crown.”
—Former big leaguer Jim Presley

“He is part of our foundation now, a young player who can only continue to get better.”
—Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski

“He is an intimidating hitter when he stands in.”
—Veteran big leaguer Aaron Harang

“He plays hard and has an idea of what he wants to do at the plate and he doesn't get fooled many times and has a nice approach.”
—All-time great Ken Griffey Jr.

“I'm surprised that it's gone this long, to be perfectly honest. I thought somebody would have won it a long time ago.”
—1867 AL Triple Crown winner Carl Yaztrzemski

“He can hit .350. He's got juice to all fields. He can win the Triple Crown.”
—Twins All-Star Joe Mauer

“He's a very smart young hitter.”
—Tigers legend Willie Horton

“They bring in Fielder, and it says a lot about a guy who’'s at the top to just go say, 'No problem, I'll go over there'¹ Not everybody would do that.”
—Twins manager Rod Gardenhire

“This is his team.”
—Teammate Prince Fielder

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