“He’s got great concentration. He’s got a very strong mind.”
—Former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa

“It’s remarkable how consistent he’s been, both in his performance and approach.”
—La Russa

“He does all the things outstanding pitchers do.”
—La Russa

“He gives us a chance to win, which is important. He competes like a maniac, which is important. How he handles a good game and a not-so-good game is important. If we get beat, it’s all his fault. And if we win, he just did his job and he points out the other guys who made it happen.”
—La Russa

“Chris appreciates what he’s got, what he’s achieved, and what people have done for him.”
—Bob Carpenter

“I’ve never seen a pitcher have this kind of season."
—Former teammate Matt Morris

“What’s most noticeable about Chris now is his level of mental maturity. I don't think he’s letting outside influences bother him.”
—Baseball executive Gord Ash

“Chris is single-minded and has the ability to shut out things that would distract a lot of other pitchers.”
—Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan


Tony La Russa,
2003 Topps T205

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