“I’m fast and quick on the mound, and I field everything.”

“I stay relaxed. I enjoy myself, and I don’t let the pressure make me nervous. I always give 100 percent, that’s all anybody can do.”

“I take the game seriously, I love the game, I work hard in the offseason, and I want to win as badly now as when I was 20.”

“I stopped being a village boy, thinking I can throw any stone, any rock, through a wall, and started thinking I could be a guy who could last longer by taking something off my fastball and not depending on only throwing hard."

"If I can get an out with one or two pitches and use my sinker or my cutter, I’m better off."

"The work I went through is what made me who I am, what made me as successful as I’ve been."

"I have no problems with my arm. I feel stronger every time I take the mound."

"I was afraid of throwing inside and hitting somebody. But I know I have the control now."

"Before every pitch, look the batter in the eye and try to intimidate him, because he’s doing exactly the same thing to you."





Bartolo Colon, 2004 Studio


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