“Oh my god, he hit a home run.”
—Mets Manager Terry Collins

“He got confidence in himself. Now he’s blowing people away."
—All-Star Omar Vizquel

"Bartolo is a special pitcher who not only gives you production, but makes everybody on the staff better, including the bullpen when he pitches deep into games."
—Angels manager
Mike Scioscia

"To combine the velocity with the great command he has is a package you don’t see very often and it puts him in an elite group of pitchers."

"I feel good for Bartolo—he did a great job."
—2005 Cy Young runner-up Johan Santana

"He’s getting wiser about how he uses his pitches and approaches the game."
—All-Star Pedro Martinez

"He’s got the perfect pitcher’s body. He looks like a bigger guy, but he’s very athletic, very agile. I wish I had his body. The body takes the brunt of the force, the wear and tear."
—Teammate Jarrod Washburn

"He sets a standard to where everybody wants to get to that level."
—Angels pitching coach Bud Black

"He really goes at hitters...he says, ‘Here it is, you try to hit it.’”
—All-Star Benjie Molina

"The deeper into the game he goes, the harder he throws. I’ve never seen anyone else do that."
—Former Indians GM John Hart

"It’s bad enough that he throws hard...but none of his pitches is straight!"
—World Series MVP Scott Brosius



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