Carl Crawford  

“This is totally unexpected. I thought I’d be in the NBA or the NFL. I never thought baseball. It's kind of like a surprise. I’m happy it happened.”

“I like to be like the old-school guys. They played hard, man, and they played from the heart. They didn’t play to just get checks.”

“I don’t know how many years I can steal this many bags, so I figure I’ve got to get ’em now.”

“If I just focus on helping this team become a big contender, all the rest will fall into place.”

“I want to develop every base of my game—stealing bases, hitting, being a better fielder.”

“I go up to the plate with no fear.”

“It doesn’t get any better than coming home for the All-Star Game.”

“Man, I’m ready to win. That’s what I think about. I just want to find a way to win.”

“I’m going to try to not put a lot of pressure on myself.”

“I hate walking around known as a team that loses all the time.”

“I just want to become a great leadoff hitter."

`Whenever I hit a ball in the gap, I'm thinking the extra bases. I never slow down. That's the only way you're going to get triples.”



Carl Crawford, 2004 Topps Heritage

Carl Crawford, 2003 Topps T205


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