Carl Crawford  

  • When Carl joined the Tampa Bay organization, he became one of six potential college quarterbacks in the minor-league system. The others were Kenny Kelly (Miami), Doug Johnson (Florida), Jason Standridge (Auburn), Marquis Roberts (Fresno State) and Doug Waechter (South Florida).
  • During Carl’s stint on Team USA in 2001, he became friends with Reds outfielder Austin Kearns.
  • Carl blamed his so-so 2001 season on not working out hard enough in the off-season. He has vowed never to make that mistake again.
  • Carl’s first pro at bat was an infield chopper that he beat out by a full stride. From that day on, he has always batted leadoff.
  • Carl led AL rookies in triples in 2002, despite playing only half a season. He was leading all minor leaguers in triples when he was called up.
  • In 2003, Carl’s 55 stolen bases made him the first Devil Ray to lead the league in an offensive category.
  • Carl was the fourth-youngest player in history to win a stolen base title. Only Ty Cobb, Rickey Henderson and Tim Raines were younger.
  • Upon Carl’s return to Houston for the 2004 All-Star Game, he was honored at City Hall by Mayor Bill White.
  • Carl moved his home from Houston to Phoenix in 2004 so he could workout more frequently with trainer Mark Verstegen, whose other clients include Curt Schilling and Nomar Garciaparra.
  • Carl is only they 8th American Leaguer to club a walk-off homer on Opening Day.
  • Carl no longer uses weights in his off-season training. He prefers elastic bands so as not to bulk up. If he were still playing football, he estimates his weight would be over 230 pounds.



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