“He makes my job easier on offense and on defense.”
—Former t eammate Rocco Baldelli

“If Carl’s on base, we’re going to get fastballs, period.”

“His potential is unlimited. If he stays injury-free, by the end of his career you’re going to see a 30-30 guy.”
—Hitting coach Skeeter Barnes

“Day in, day out, he comes in ready to play, and he produces.”
—Minor League manager Bill Evers

“He has an outstanding head on his shoulders.”

“C.C. can really motor. And he’s still learning. His ceiling is really high, no question.”
—Former Rays manager Lou Piniella

“He’s definitely got a legitimate chance of hitting well into the .300s.”

“He is an explosive player...the future is sky-high for him.”
—Baseball executive Chuck LaMar

“He’s a weapon.”
—Former teammate Tino Martinez

“We saw early on that he was going to be special.”
—Former Yankees manager Joe Torre

“He’s a game changer for us.”
—Red Sox GM Theo Epstein

“To throw him out, you have to be perfect.”
—Red Sox amanger Terry Francona

“He’s going to make all types of play, and do all kind of stuff where the Boston fans will fall in love with him immediately.”
—Rays manager Joe Maddon

“Carl is a very good RBI guy.”

“Carl is something very special.”
—Former Rays coach Don Zimmer

“The dude can flat-out fly.”
—Sportswriter Scott Carter

“He's an energizing, stolen-base-and-triple machine. And you can see the pieces beginning to fit into the rest of his game right there in front of your eyes.”
—Sportswriter Jayson Stark

Rocco Baldelli,
autographed card



Lou Piniella, 2004 Topps



Joe Maddon,
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