“He's amazing, that kid. He's amazing ... that's the kind of talent you love to see.”
—Cy Young winner Pedro Martinez

"Not only does he throw hard, but he locates. And all his pitches are plus-pitches. When you combine all of that, it makes things really hard on the hitter.”
—Brewers pitcher Shawn Marcum

“He's so competitive, he doesn't want to finish second in anything. It's not a put-on, it's just what he does.”
—Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin

“He's going to be a tremendous clubhouse person.”

"If I was ever going to put money on somebody, it would be David Price.”
—Texas Christian coach Jim Schlossnagle

"He's really good. He's as good as I've seen in my career. I've had some good ones too—Aaron Heilman, Brad Lidge, Jeff Samardzija—and I've seen a lot of good ones against us through the years. But I was amazed how good he was.”
—LSU coach Paul Mainieri

"He's got all the intangibles working for him. He's a consummate team guy, he's got energy, he's very mature—guys like that, they move in a hurry.”
South Carolina coach Ray Tanner

“He's a perfectionist at everything he does.”
—Former teammate James Shields

“We're all competitive. but he's ultra-competitive. He definitely takes it to the next level.”
—Former teammate BJ Upton

"He doesn't like to lose, no matter what.”
—Former teammate Reid Brignac

“He sets the bar so high it's almost unreachable, but that's the way he is. He's not shooting for the moon, he's shooting above the moon, and he'll land on the moon.”
—Former teammate Sean Rodriguez

“I just love David's tenacity. I really do. This is a young man with great stuff, but with the tenacity to make him great.”
—Rays manager Joe Maddon

“When we found out we had the first pick in the draft, David was at the top of that list.”
—Rays owner Andrew Friedman

“Everybody is proud of him. People think of him as their son as well as mine and my wife's. We couldn't ask for better neighbors.”
Bonnie Price


Pedro Martinez, 2005 Bowman




James Shields,
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