“He’s tough. He’s a warrior.”
—Teammate Joakim Noah

"He's getting more and more confidence in his 3-ball and it's a scary thing.”

“Each day he shows you more and more.”
—Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau

“When we need buckets, we're going to D. Rose and he's going to make something happen.”
—Teammate Carlos Boozer

"This was the direction we wanted to go in the end, and it has nothing to do with the talent of Michael Beasley. This had everything to do with the direction we felt was right for us.”
—Bulls GM Jon Paxson

"It looks like they put it in his hands and let him do it.”
—All-Star Mike Bibby

"I watched him a handful of times when he was in high school and he never said a word out there. He just kind of led with his play and he just has this presence where he doesn't have to say much.”
—Former teammate Ben Gordon

“He’s doing everything and more to help this team be a contender. There is no way you can mention the MVP race without mentioning his name.”
—Superstar LeBron James

“He’s the most valuable player if you really think about it. If you take him out of the lineup, there is no telling what you get.”
—All-Star Chris Bosh

"He absorbs things very quickly.”
—Former Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro

“Rose is a guy who has put his team in a great position to win.”
—NBA veteran Juwan Howard

“He has that LeBron James-type air about himself, which brings him to be just a natural leader, and excel from level to level.”
—Former teammate Lindsey Hunter

“Eli can recognize defenses and knows where the weaknesses are. He has studied football. He studies the opposition. He studies the defense. I just like to see him go out there and pick it to death. I think Eli probably knows more football than either his father or Peyton did at this time of their careers.”
Former Ole Miss head coach Johnny Vaught

“He was doing things that a normal seventh-grader couldn’t do and that some juniors and seniors in high school couldn’t do.”
—Derrick’s high school coach Robert Smith

“You can be open just for a split second and he’ll find you. He just makes people around him better.”
—Derrick’s youth league coach Luther Topps


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