“I know what it takes to win ball games."

"There is no excuse for not catching a ball you can get to."

"I want to be the best leadoff hitter of our time."

"The biggest thing I want is for the hitter coming up behind me to get a good pitch to hit."

"My biggest adjustment has been learning not to be afraid to fail."

"In a lot of close games, I can make a difference with my speed."

"The most important thing is to have fun."

"When I’m on first, I’m always trying to score. And I will—sometimes on singles and on most doubles."

"I play every game like it’s going to be my last."

"I like to make an impression."

"I take pride knowing that I hustle, day in and day out."

"Whenever I have a bad performance, I look at it as a learning experience."

"I’m relaxed at the plate. I’m not trying to do too much."

"I’m no George Brett, and I probably never will be."

"I go out and play not for the numbers, but for a chance to win and the thrill of playing in front of a packed crowd."

"I never take this game for granted."

"People need to look at baseball like it has been sent from the heavens, and respect the game."

"I try to walk around with a smile on my face.”

“We had the camaraderie in Kansas City, but we didn't have the talent."

"I hope others take as much pride in the sport as I do."

"If I get into a slump and people are telling me, ‘You’re horrible. You suck.’ I don't want to hear that, so it’s going to drive me to do better."

"I wouldn’t mind being a hero to a kid. I grew up idolizing players, so I know how important that is for a lot of younger kids."

"I blame myself every night we lose."

"A lot of players go into a restaurant and ask for a special table. I go and stand in line with the working people. It’s very easy to get spoiled playing professional sports.”

"Yogi, Reggie, Torre. It’s amazing to be part of that."

"Moving to New York was the best decision I ever made."

"I love Boston and I always will. I'll always have terrific memories and great fans here."



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