Johnny Damon  

  • When Johnny was a kid, he collected George Brett’s cards.
  • Johnny suffered his first sports concussion courtesy of a teenage Warren Sapp, in a high-school football game against Apopka High.
  • As a senior in hig school, Johnny finished second in Florida in the 200 and fifth in the 100.
  • Johnny was a minor league MVP in 1992, `93, `94 and `95.
  • Johnny broke Delino DeShields’s Rockford record with 59 steals in 1993.
  • In the minors, Johnny modeled his game after Kenny Lofton’s.
  • Johnny has hit more triples than anyone in baseball since he came up in August of 1995.
  • Johnny hit his first career grand slam off of Jim Abbott in 1996.
  • Johnny’s homeplate collision with Chad Kreuter in 1997 ended the Chicago catcher’s career.
  • In 1998, Johnny became the fourth Royal to play every game of the schedule in a non-strike-shortened season.
  • Johnny had the best game of his career in an inter-league match-up with the Cubs in 2000. He went 5-for-6 with a record-tying four doubles. He also made a great catch on a Henry Rodriguez drive.
  • Johnny led the majors with a .386 average after the All-Star break in 2000.
  • During spring training in 2001, the Dodgers offered Gary Sheffield straight-up for Johnny.
  • Johnny’s 644 at bats in 2001 broke the A’s team mark held by Bert Campaneris.
  • During his year in Oakland, Johnny would often skateboard a mile from his apartment to the train on his way to the ballpark.
  • The low point of Johnny’s one season with the A’s occurred in Kansas City, where a WHB DJ declared his first game back in Kansas City “Boo Johnny Damon Night.” The promotion got out of hand and the good-natured ribbing turned ugly and obscene.
  • In a June 2003 blowout of the Florida Marlins, Johnny became just the second player in history to get three hits in an inning.
  • The 2004 season marked the seventh consecutive year Johnny has scored 100-plus runs.
  • Johnny collected 6 straight hits in a series against the Orioles in April of 2004.
  • In 2006, Johnny was one of only four players to hit at least 24 homers and steal at least 24 bases.
  • In 2008, Johnny went 6-for-6 against his old team, the Royals. The last Yankee to get six hits in a game was Myril Hoag, in 1934.
  • Johnny hit his 200th homer against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2009.
  • Johnny says the two old-time players he would love to see today are Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson.
  • Johnny collects signed jerseys. He prefers getting items from teammates and friends over star players he does not know. He also buys his own cards.
  • Johnny calls former teammate Tom Gordon the toughest righty he’s faced in the majors.
  • In 2004, a group of Red Sox fans dubbed themselves "Damon’s Disciples." They came to Fenway with long wigs and beards.
  • In May of 2004, Johnny shaved off his beard at the Prudential Center as part of a promotion for Gillette. Hundreds of fans showed up to witness the landmark event.
  • Johnny and his high school sweetheart, Angie Vannice, were married in 1995. They had twins, Madelyn and Jackson, in 1999. The couple went through a bitter divorce in 2002. Johnny remarried Michelle Mangan in December of 2004, and AD/DC front man Brian Johnson—a friend of Johnny’s—sang at the wedding. Johnny and Michelle have two daughters, Devon and Danica.
  • Johnny says he appreciates life more than ever after a high-school friend died of skin cancer a few years ago.
  • Johnny’s favorite football player is Tom Brady. He loved the fact that two Boston teams won championships in a three-month period in 2004.
  • Johnny still lives in Orlando, in a mansion on Lake Butler.
  • Johnny’s favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men. His favorite movie is Spiderman.
  • Johnny and four other Red Sox agreed to get re-made on a 2005 episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.


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