“I’m the type of pitcher that definitely gets stronger and better adjusted to the batters as the season goes on.”

"Looking at the players that are truly successful, you see the durability and long careers. Those are the players I respect and look up to. I hope to become a player like that."

“I have been trained to throw many, many pitches.”

"I wouldn't say that I feel completely comfortable, but more comfortable than last year.”

"I guess I've stopped thinking that I'm actually a pitcher that can paint the corners so I'm dwelling a little bit less on that now.”

“My fans, my teammates and everyone, I hope they will understand and support me. I'll be sorry to leave Japan, but this is my dream and this is what I need to do now.”

"I’m very happy and excited to be a member of the Boston Red Sox."


Daiskue Matsuzaka,
2000 Japanes card


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