Corey Dillon  

“I’ve been doing this a long time, so I’m pretty smart at what I do. I just take care of my body, get a lot of rest and on Sundays go out there and leave it on the field.”

“I laugh every day because I can’t believe I’m in this situation.”

“It’s relaxing here. I can just play football. I think any athlete wants to do his job and not worry about carrying the whole organization.”

“I can say I’m truly happy. I’m sorry it took seven years to get to this point, but I’m here so I’m ready to move on.”

“I’m now just an extra ingredient to this big pie—and it’s sweet.”

“This whole game is predicated on winning. That’s where I’m coming from. I just wanted to be part of an organization that thrives on winning.”

“I’m just going about my business. Am I going to bend over backwards to assure everybody that I’m a good guy? No, I’m not going to do it.”

“You want to be around guys that you share the same goal with and guys who are thirsty and ready to hunt and get victories.”

“I would prefer to be in a place where I’m appreciated.”

“I know a lot of people never expected me to get this far, but I’ve done it because I’ve been focused.”

“I went through the back door to get here, jumped through some windows and hopped over a few fences, but the end result is that I’m exactly where I dreamed of being.”

“My thing has always been, sit down with me for an hour and base your judgments off that. That’s all I ask. Don’t go by what you read in the paper or hear in the streets.”

“I don’t take a day off. I don’t slack. All I know is hard-nose football. There ain’t no breaks or vacations for me.”

“I think I’m a man that’s basically misunderstood.”

“I just want to be in a winning situation. That’s the whole thing. It’s nothing financial.”

“I take all the negatives and try to turn it into a positive.”

“My whole motto is get four yards, and if I get more than four, that’s fine.”

“When it gets easy, I worry about things.”

“I never say anything. I wipe it off, because it’s going to be a long day for ’em.”

“Maybe I was little bit more aggressive than the average kid.”

“Walter Payton is still the best back ever to play the game.”



Corey Dillon, 2004 Tradition

Corey Dillon, 2004 Topps

Corey Dillon, 1997 Pacific Insert


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