Corey Dillon  

“He’s really been a great leader. I don’t care what someone’s reputation is. Corey had a great attitude coming in, and it’s only gotten better.”
—Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

“He brings a toughness and an attitude here. I think he’s very happy to be part of our team.”
—Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel

“The guy’s a workhorse. You need people like that on your team.”
—Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light

“Having him is just a plus, because he plays with so much heart and effort, and it’s just contagious.”
—Patriots tight end Christian Fauria

“He’s a powerful guy who can break tackles. And when he gets in the open field, you don’t see him get run down a lot.”
—Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

“Corey works hard. Football is important to him. He is attentive. He’s into it.”

“Like all great backs, Corey is a load if he breaks that first tackle. When he hits the secondary, most D-backs are unable to, or uninterested in, tackling him.”
—49ers head coach Mike Nolan

“He’s a big, bruising back whose speed may be deceiving to people.”
—Bills head coach Mike Mularkey

“It’s all will with Corey. You can’t break his will. He just wills himself to be the best.”
—Panthers defensive lineman Brentson Buckner

“He’s as fine as I’ve either had or coached against. He wants the ball when it’s time to get it done.”
—Dixie (Utah) Junior College football coach Greg Croshaw

“He’s the total package.”
—Former college teammate Brock Huard



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