"His best stuff is the last 30 yards to the goal, which is an absolutely unique quality for an American player. And that’s where he shines.”
—U.S. coach Bruce Arena

“He puts a lot of effort into studying games and watching films. To say he’s highly motivated is an understatement.”
—U.S. coach John Ellinger

“I’m a Landon Donovan fan. It’s tough for a coach to say that. People don’t realize, he’s an absolute team player.”
—U.S. coach Wolfgang Suhnholz

“He’s got great vision on the field. On top of that he serves a really good ball. It’s enjoyable to play with him.”
—U.S. teammate Jonathan Bornstein

“He steps up in big games and makes big plays.”
—U.S. coach Michael Bradley

“Landon is a bright star of the future...The thing that sets him apart is his unpredictability as a player. He can beat you with the dribble of with a great pass.”
—Earthquakes coach Frank Yallop

“He’s got that all-important pace—that lightning quickness that cannot be contained.”
Fusion coach Ray Hudson

“He takes command of things, and he knows how to motivate players who aren’t in his caliber. He demands perfection, but he does it in a way that’s not negative. He’s always upbeat, and he’s always encouraging.”
—Landon’s high school coach Dennis O’Neal


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