“Subjecting himself to learning and maturing in a college atmosphere was wiser than entering the NBA early.”
—Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“He gets the job done, night in and night out. He's versatile, totally able to do the things his team needs him to do to win.”

"He's not throwing behind-the-back passes, he's not doing tomahawk jams, he's not doing anything that's very flashy. He's just a very unassuming guy who goes about his job, and the next thing you know he's got 23 points and 20 rebounds."
—Veteran NBA coach Byron Scott

"If Tim starts making threes, we can all go home."
—Former Mavs head coach Avery Johnson

"He's been clutcher than clutch. At the end of close games, everyone knows we're going to him. That makes it much tougher on Dunc, of course—and he still comes through."
—Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich

“He’s not a good passer, he’s a great passer. He’s the best passer I’ve seen at his size since Bill Walton.”

“Tim has been a joy.”

“He may be a seven-footer, but he's basically a quarterback in shorts.”

“He sees the court as well or better than a lot of guards. When I look at him I see nothing but greatness.”
—Hall of Famer Jerry West

“If you’re looking for a fearless warrior who plays his A-game every single night, you'd have a hard time finding anybody better than Timmy in any era.”
—Former Wake Forest head coach Dave Odom

"His hoop IQ is extraordinary."
—All-Star Lamar Odom

“Dunc is one of the few players in the NBA with a significant go-to move; his inside pivot into the rocker step position off the glass is deadly from 12 to 15 feet.”
—Former All-Star Reggie Theus

“He’s a great player, there’s not any question about that.”
—Former Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan

“He is probably the best player to ever play the position the way he plays it.”

“He’s got the footwork of Kevin McHale, the athleticism of David Robinson. That’s a heck of a talent.”
—Former All-Star Brad Daugherty

“Dunc is a real thinker out there—plus he‘s got a tremendous work ethic to go with all the talent.”
—NBA executive Donnie Walsh

“He’s a quiet assassin who is skilled in all aspects of the game.”
—Nuggets head coach George Karl

“He has an understanding of the game I can really appreciate.”
—Hall of Famer David Robinson

“No question he's the greatest power forward ever. It's hard to compare anyone to Tim. He's in a class by himself.”

“He’s not flashy. He just goes out and plays.”
—Hall of Famer Kevin McHale

“Bob Pettit was a great scorer and rebounder. Karl Malone was a more powerful player, but they didn't have the versatility Tim does. Kevin McHale was probably the best low-post, back-to-the-basket big forward, and he was a good defender, but he, too, couldn't do the things Duncan can do.”
—Hoops analyst and all-time great coach Jack Ramsay

“He has every move. He has poise. He never gets rattled. You can send a double-team at him, but he'll pass out of it. If he has single coverage, he'll face you up and shoot off the glass, get the layup, spin move baseline, right hook, left hook, fade-away. He can do whatever he wants down there.”
—All-Star Carlos Boozer

“Mom never got to see Timmy play ball seriously. But I think she’s looking down from heaven cheering him on—the loudest voice among all the angels. I think Timmy still hears her.”
—Cheryl Duncan Lowery

“He would have gone to the 1992 Olympics and held his own against the world.”
—Tricia Duncan

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