Edgerrin James  

“EJ demands a lot of respect because of the way he works and how he carries himself. He’s a humble, soft-spoken guy who works like a walk-on. He’s actually a lot like Peyton Manning.”
—Edgerrin’s strength coach at Miami Tommy Moffit

“James’s hands and receiving skills are as good as any halfback’s I’ve graded in the last 20 years.”
—NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr.

“He’s smooth and explosive, and he has great vision. You don’t teach these things. He’s got it naturally.”
—Former Colts running backs coach Gene Huey

“The thing that immediately stands out about him is his toughness. In this league you’ve got to be tough.”
—Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

“It’s amazing when someone comes in like he did and does what he did. Right from the beginning, you could see Edgerrin was willing to work hard and do what it takes to succeed.”

“He is all about being the best football player he can be and helping our team win games. I have always respected that.”

“It’s true that he’s humble, but you can’t ignore his confidence. And he’s got an incredible work ethic. He’s always hanging around, working at something.”
—Former Colts head coach Jim Mora

“He is very professional in his preparation, very serious, works hard, learns his assignments and gets ready every week.”

“Edgerrin has a really good change of direction. He can be going one way and—bam!—he’ll plant his foot and go the other way. He’s got the speed and quickness to get outside. Plus, for a guy who’s only 215 pounds, he’s really strong, especially in his lower body. He can slash it up inside and break tackles.”

"If you overplay him, he’s going to make you look ridiculous. He doesn’t so much cut as he stops on a dime and then takes off again as full speed.”
—Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas

“Sometimes, I just want to take a game off and watch the guy run. He’s absolutely amazing at making people miss and getting the extra yards. He’s a special runner.”
—Colts tight end Marcus Pollard

“I’ve seen guys who get their 100 yards and think they’re the greatest running back in the league. Edgerrin knows that it comes from hard work and it comes from a team effort.”
—Former NFL quarterback Steve Walsh

“He’s a blend of Marshall Faulk and Eddie George.”
—Titans cornerback Samari Rolle



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