“Darin’s done everything that you’d expect a No. 1 pick to do.”
—Former big leaguer Ken Forsch

“Darin’s motivation has not changed since he put on a baseball uniform as a kid. He’s all about winning.”
—Angels manager Mike Scioscia

“An Erstad. Webster should list it right next to ‘Gym Rat.’ An Erstad. That’s what it is in baseball.”
—Rays manager Joe Madden

“He has a lot of versatility. He's a great makeup guy. He's the prototypical professional player—he brings a lot to the table and we're glad to have him.”
—Astros GM Ed Wade

“" I cannot say nothing bad about this guy. He knows how to play the game. He knows what the manager wants, and he's just a good baseball player.”
—White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen

“Everybody else has days when we say, ‘I’m tired. If I can just get through this game, I’ll go hard tomorrow.’ He never has a day like that.”
—Former teammate Mo Vaughn

“He gets real frustrated when other people don’t take the game seriously. He has the philosophy that you do the best you can do and it’s for the team.”
—Darin’s mom Dorothy


Ken Forsch, 1974 Topps

Mo Vaughn,
2002 Upper Deck Vintage


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