"Man, it's been quite a career.”

“I’m playing great tennis. I’m enjoying the tour, having fun with the fans off the court. I’m loving it now.”

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

“The word on me was, ‘Mentally, he’s not that tough. If the match goes on over two hours, I will get him.’”

“My family is the thing I miss most on the tour.”

“I realized, Roger, you have to wake up now. The train is leaving. You have to catch the train.”

“I forget matches—even bad matches—very quickly. I get sad about not having played well, but I don’t really get pissed off. By the time I get back to the hotel, it’s completely forgotten and I’m fine again.”

“Now I know what I’m capable of.”

”I like being my own boss."

“Success is a nice thing because it always means you’ve taken a step forward and it gives you a sense of pride, which in turn gives you confidence and experience—a positive circle, so to speak.”

“The crowds are very important for tennis. It makes you play better, but it can also make you nervous and that’s the beauty of it.”

“I am thinking more and more about what I want to and can do after my days as an active athlete. Thoughts like family and marriage also cross my mind more and more often.”

”I love tennis! I’ve always felt like this because it is such a classy sport with a great, competitive flair to it."

“Once you reach a good level in tennis it fills you with a lot of motivation. I hope I can do it for a long time.”


Roger Federer, 2003 Tennis



Roger Federer,
2008 Inside Tennis


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