“This is like a dream. I don’t want it to ever end.”

“It’s an honor playing for Bobby Cox.”

“It’s great to be a part of it and be a part of this tradition.”

“I am actually trying to learn to walk a little bit. How about that? They’ve made adjustments to me and now I have to make adjustments. It’s going to take some time to learn when they are going to let me beat them or make someone else beat them. I need patience.”

“I’m a different hitter than Chipper Jones. He goes up looking for certain pitches to hit. I go up there looking for something over the plate and try to hit it hard.”

“When we [the Braves] won the World Series in ’95, I went nuts. I mean, that was my team.”

“To me, it’s all about confidence.”

“A lot of people just thought I'd be a .260 hitter all my life. I was kind of like, 'Let me make some adjustments and let me learn the game a little bit.'”

“I think I've made it known to everybody that I want to be here for a long time.”

“I think the thing I'm most excited about is the fact that I was able to, for the most part, change pitchers' mindsets about what kind of hitter I am.”

“I'm not going to sit here and make predictions, but I feel like our team is just as good as the other teams in our division.”

“I think if everyone is clean, then who cares about how you're tested?”

“I remember in '05 when I came up with the Braves I went to the playoffs. I kind of got spoiled because I thought that's how it was every year.”

“One day, you're 11 games, 12 games out, and the next day you're in first!”



Jeff Francoeur,
2006 Upper Deck WBC



Jeff Francoeur, 2005 Topps

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