““He’s the real deal. He’s going to be a star. He’s a star already.’’
—Cardinals manager Tony La Russa

“This kid has a chance to be the next face of the franchise. He’s been remarkable since the day he was drafted out of high school.”
—Former Braves GM John Schuerholz

“He is an All-American kid. He’s well-spoken and he’s mature beyond his year. He has a winner’s quality deeper and broader than any young man I’ve ever seen.’’

“Intelligence, resilience, and adaptability—he’s got all of those. Plus he’s got this remarkable package of physical talent.’’

“He's a guy we know will drive in runs.’’
—Rangers manager Ron Washington

“I played with Frenchy in the WBC. He's a gamer. He always plays hard.”
—Teammate Michael Young

“He’s going to be a superstar, no doubt in my mind. He’s going to be the next Dale Murphy in this city. If he continues to hit and play the outfield like he has so far, we may be talking about even more than that.’’
—Former teammate Chipper Jones

“Frenchy is Captain Caveman. He will swing at anything. But he’s making it work. He’s getting better at making guys throw strikes.’’

“Quite frankly, he’s not the next Chipper Jones. He’s the next Dale Murphy. They play the same position and they are built the same way. They have similar careers. Murph is one of the most beloved Braves of all time and Francoeur will be the same way.’’

“We just leave him alone. We’re just going to let him ride. Why mess up a good thing.’’
—Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton

“He’s still not walking, but he is giving you a great at-bat every time and that is fine. It doesn’t matter if he ever walks. It doesn’t bother me one bit.’’
—Former Braves manager Bobby Cox

“He’s a horse. He is a game-breaker. He may go 0-for-3 but you feel real good with him up there in the ninth. He’s a very good outfielder and a very accurate thrower. He runs a tad above average. He loves to play and is highly competitive.’’

“He’s very impressive. He can do a lot of things. He’s god in the outfield and he runs good. He’s going to be a very good major leaguer.’’

“Everybody in baseball is talking about him.”

“He's right at the top of the list, as far as guys you just don't think you can afford to have out at any point in time.’’
—300-game winner Tom Glavine

“It always comes as a surprise to us to see third-base coaches choose to test his arm.’’
—Former Braves GM Frank Wren

“He's only going to get better. He's only going to get stronger. He's got a bright future.”
—Former teammate John Smoltz


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