“I’m not cocky. But I’m very confident.”

“The Big Hurt describes me perfectly—not as a person, but as a player. It’s what I do to a baseball.”

“There are no shortcuts to success in this business.”

“As you get old, you live and learn.”

“My maturity level is rising. I think there are certain situations that I’m handling better than in the past.”

“I take a lot of pitches. Some guys hate to do that.”

“I just have to be myself, and not worry about everyone looking at me and watching.”

“I could have made it to the NFL, but I wouldn’t have been a star.”

“My focus is on a ring, and giving the best individual performance I can.”

“I just don’t feel like I’m old. I still feel like I’ve got a lot of years, a lot to give in this game, and I’m able to do it because I love to work.”

“A lot of guys are free swingers, but I’m up there looking for a specific pitch.”

“Money doesn't motivate, but stats do.”

“I always try to overachieve. I feel I have something to prove every day.”

“When you are that big organization guy for so long, you feel like you are invincible, and no one is invincible in pro sports. I'm just happy to be sitting right here in Chicago and right here at U.S. Cellular Field, holding my Hall of Fame press conference. I'm proud of that.”

“I wanted to make it a special moment for everyone who came through that turnstile every night in my career.”


Frank Thomas, 2005 Heritage


Frank Thomas,
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Frank Thomas, 1993 Studio

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