Sergio Garcia  

“He has all the ingredients to become a superstar. That’s great for Spain and great for golf.”
—Two-time Masters champion Seve Ballesteros

“It’s nice to see somebody who doesn’t look like he came off a Wheaties box. He’s just fun to watch.”
—NBC broadcaster Johnny Miller

“I love this kid. I’m not kidding you. He is unbelievable.”
—Former Masters champion Ben Crenshaw

“Sergio is like one of those old-time players with great feel.”
—PGA player John Cook

“Sergio has the same mindset as Tiger. He came out thinking he would beat everyone and he’s proving that he has the ability to do it.”
—PGA player Jesper Parnevik

“He has a lot of composure and talent, but he’s also a fine young man. If he was a great player and a jerk, it would be different, but he’s a very engaging and delightful person.”
—Former U.S. Open champion Hale Irwin

“Sergio and I play very similar games. We’re both aggressive, both hit the ball a long ways and both like to be creative. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he can take a good shot or even a bad shot and fuel it into a positive. I was the same way, and that’s the one thing I like about him. He exudes confidence, and it’s wonderful to see.”
—Tiger Woods

“Sergio learned the same lessons I learned. I think he might have played a little too much early on in his career all over the world, just like I did. The next 5 or 10 years, when he understands what his body can and cannot do, that’s when you are going to see him really play well.”
—Tiger Woods


Ben Crenshaw, 1981 Donruss Rookie

Jesper Parnevik, Maximum Golf



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