Troy Glaus  

“I don’t feel any pressure when I’m up there at the plate. I feel it when I’m in the on-deck circle, but when I’m in the box, it’s just me and the pitcher, and I get zoned in.”

“I’ve discovered there is another life besides baseball. You have to be balanced to be a happy person.”

“I’m still very critical of myself, but I’ve learned to deal with it. You know that every at-bat is important, but it’s not life and death.”

“I try to stay on an even keel. I get really fired up on occasion, but staying relaxed and under control bodes better for my game than getting out of control.”

“You’re never satisfied. The day I’m satisfied is when I drive in every baserunner that’s out there.”

“My mother was the biggest influence on me, without question.”

“I’m not comfortable being that outgoing guy. That’s not me. I never used to talk to anybody.”

“You’re not always going to be perfect, but I always try to be.”

“If making an error doesn’t make you mad, what’s the point? Why put all the work in?”

“We play for the big trophy with the pennants on it.”

“I try not to have personal goals. Personal numbers is a mind-set. The only numbers I care about are in the win column.”

“Obviously, success breeds more confidence. And it’s pretty easy to be confident if you’re getting a hit almost every time at bat.”

“You can’t change your game based on where you’re playing.”



Troy Glaus, 2001 Fleer Tradition

Troy Glaus, 2001 Upper Deck Vintage

Troy Glaus, 2001 Platinum


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