“I think there were a lot of expectations for Zack at a young age that it was hard to live up to. Zack is getting comfortable just being Zack.”
—Former big leaguer Bob McClure

"He does have a mean streak in him, I'll say that. Most of the good ones do. They've got a little bit of edge to them. He's not trying to throw at anybody's head, but he's trying to get it right under his chin. He's pretty fearless.”

“I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him to recognize his condition and evaluate it honestly and do something about it. He’s been able to take all of those experiences and combine them and that’s why he is where he is today.”
—Royals GM Dayton Moore

“He's a special pitcher, no doubt. That would be an understatement.”
—Royals manager Trey Hillman

"He keeps you off-balance. He'll blow you away with a 95 (mph) if he wants to.”
—All-Star Vernon Wells

"He's the best in the league right now.”
—White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen

"The issue he had to deal with and how he dealt with it speaks volumes for the kid. He took a private issue and had to work it out in a very public environment. How he handled it was always amazing to me.”
—Former Royals GM Allan Baird

“I see the athleticism of a Bret Saberhagen and the way he can back up that fastball to lefthanded hitters reminds me of Greg Maddux. He has the best characteristics of a lot of great pitchers all rolled into one.”

“I think everything caught up with him. He wanted to surf more than play baseball at one time. That’s why he needed that little break.”
—All-Star Johnny Damon

"Guys like him come along in baseball every 10 years. He pitches like a guy who's been in the league 10 years. The way he changes speeds reminds me of Tom Seaver.”
—Former Royals manager Tony Pena



Bob McClure, 1975 SSPC



Vernon Wells,
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