“I feel like I've kind of got that [injury-prone] label already. At least my injuries have been baseball injuries. They haven't been [me being] unhealthy, tearing hamstrings every year or something like that. I was sliding into home plate. It could have happened to anyone. It was just bad luck.”

“I'd like to stay with the Brewers for my whole career, just like Robin Yount. That's what I'd like to do. That would be something special.”

“A lot of scouts asked me if I wanted to pitch but I wanted to play every day. The Brewers were one of the few teams that liked me as a shortstop more than a pitcher.”

“I always wanted to become a professional baseball player. I could have gone to Arizona but my parents kind of let me make the decision, which was really nice. I feel I made the right call. I've never had any regrets since I signed the papers.”

“I do have high expectations, like anyone does. I expect myself to do well. It comes with all of the work I've put in and what I expect from that work.”

“I know what I want and I'm going to work to get it.”

"No one really expects me to do anything offensively. But I expect a little more."

"I keep telling myself, 'Don't try to do too much.'"

"A lot of things are going right. More is going right than wrong, for sure."

"I'm starting to swing the bat now like I know I can. You can't really explain it. I'm just seeing the ball good and everything is going my way."





J.J. Hardy, 2006 Heritage

J.J. Hardy, 2006 Fleer


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