“J.J. is a tough kid. I wasn't worried about him. I knew he would make it.”
—Brewers manager Ned Yost

“He's an outstanding young man and an outstanding young player. He's a tremendous defensive player. He's got a chance to be a really, really solid offensive player, one of the best offensive shortstops in the National League. He's got great makeup for a young man. He's got tremendous leadership skills. He's the total package for a young player.”

“I've always felt J.J. is a special player who could hit for power and average. I'm not overly surprised.”

“He's like a John Stockton at point guard. He knows where to be and he knows where the other guys are.”
—Brewers GM Doug Melvin

“You just feel comfortable when balls are hit to him. You have confidence when the ball is hit to him you're going to get an out.”

“The thing I've noticed about J.J. is that he isn't a thinker out there," teammate Jeff Cirillo said. "He just goes out and does it.”
—Former teammate Jeff Cirillo

“Any time you have a guy like that who can play defense and hit like him, you need him in there. You need that position to be solid because that's the leader of the infield.”
—Teammate Prince Fielder

“J.J.'s always been a great defender. We've all known that. He's had a little injury problem, but hopefully that is in the past and he can be the impact player everyone thinks he can be.”
—Teammate Bill Hall

“He's very consistent in what he does. He's a true, bona fide shortstop. His instincts are born to be a shortstop. When you have somebody out there like that, it solidifies an infield. He doesn't make a lot of those little mistakes that you don't see in the box score but they still hurt the teams.”
—Brewers coach Dale Sveum


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