Dany Heatley  

“There aren't a lot of guys that big who have that kind of talent with the puck.”
—Avalanche defenseman Rob Blake

“He does a lot of good things that are hard to teach. He's got a gift.”
—Thrashers coach Bob Hartley

“He has a real competitive edge. A lot of young guys are talented, but they don't have much heart. When you find a guy with both, then you've got a real good hockey player.”
—Teammate Byron Dafoe

“His style will remind you of Phil Esposito. He has an excellent sense around the net.”
—Scout Frank Bonello

“We’re really proud how he’s handled everything. He’s still the same, other than he can buy clothes and toys for himself. I'm proud he’s not going overboard or going goofy.”
—Dany’s mother Karin

“He could be one of those guys who dominates the game.”
—Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock

“Dany is a scoring machine.”
—Wisconsin Badgers coach Jeff Sauer

“No doubt, he’s a stud.”
—Team Canada assistant Dean Clark

"This kid has a chance to be unbelievable. He has a chance to influence little kids for a long time if he wants to be a star, if he'll embrace it."
—2004 Team Canada head coach Mike Babcock



Rob Blake, 2001 Heritage

Dany Heatley, 2002 SP Authentic



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