"I'm a homebody."

"I have rubber ankles."

"I think we definitely have the pieces to compete for [the NBA title]."

"Every night I guard the other team's best perimeter player. I've done a good job on almost everybody I'm on."

“It's not like I'm out there talking noise and getting in people's faces, but I am confident. That's what makes great players. I can't think of one great player that doesn't show confidence."

"Every team I've been on, I've always gotten along with just about everybody. You can't come in causing all kinds of disputes, not getting along with people. I'm just easygoing, an easy guy to get along with.”

“Although good publicity is great, if it's something that's going to affect my schedule and my routine, I would just rather not do it."

"I don't like everybody knowing what I'm doing. Not to be rude or anything, I don't think it's the whole world's business to know what Kirk's doing."

“When you're a friend of mine, you're a friend of mine for life.”

"There are going to be nights where I feel like I can't score, but I can always play a good floor game. That's what I want to bring.”





Kirk Hinrich, 2003 Topps


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