“He's one of those you love to coach because he only cares about the `W' at the end of the game,"
—UNC coach Roy Williams

“He is one tough, competitive kid."

''I was an assistant coach at North Carolina when Jordan played there. I think Kirk is in the same ballpark with Michael as far as competitiveness is concerned. He's also a better athlete than people might initially think. He's fast, and he can dunk with two hands.''

"There's no joking about basketball with him. He's very, very competitive."
—Former Kansas teammate Nick Collison

"I think he's one of the better defenders in the league. He probably doesn't get much credit. It's deserved.”
—Teammate Ben Gordon

"All of us have always said that people in Chicago love guys that just play hard, throw themselves on the floor, give you effort. I think our fans can relate to Kirk a little bit."
—Bulls GM John Paxson

"I've seen a lot of guys who talk a good game and don't bring it on the floor. I appreciate and respect the way he approaches the game. I will take from Kirk Hinrich the fact that his example of leadership is the hard work he brings to the game and how hard he plays every time he's on the floor."

"He's on the right team where he can do a lot of things. He's got a lot of ability and a lot of talent. He can shoot the ball.”
—All-Star Gary Payton

"Kirk is not really a point guard, he's not really a two-guard. He's just a guard and a good basketball player, which is what we like.”
—Bulls coach Scott Skiles

"He's a superstar now. Sometimes you can't even talk to the kid. Nah, I'm just kidding. Kirk's my guy, my man. As soon as I met him, I knew we had a bond. You could tell he wanted to win right away. We clicked the first time we met."
—Former teammate Eddy Curry

''He's fearless, and he's smart,. He’s quick to penetrate into the paint and in traffic and looks around, and if he sees nothing there, he'll dribble out of traffic without taking a crazy shot.''
—Broadcaster Johnny Kerr


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