Priest Holmes  

“If you aren’t breaking tackles, you aren’t doing anything.”

“My strength is breaking people down. I may not outrun or outsize you, but I will make you miss.”

“Chess is a time game, it’s a game of patience. That pretty much defines how I run the ball.”

“The bishop is a lot like me...just when you think you have me, I’m already behind you.”

“It doesn’t matter matter how many yards you ran for last year. You’ve got to do it again.”

“I hope this serves as a light for others who come into the league as undrafted players.”

“I’ve never doubted my ability.”

“That’s what most of my life has been about—you face an obstacle, you get hit, get knocked down, you just keep going.”

"I really like defensive players. I've never played defense so I often wonder how they think."



Priest Holmes, 2001 Pacific

Priest Holmes, 2002 Topps


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